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Intelligent transport management software provides a comprehensive solution that helps businesses control their logistics process from start to finish: from local and national freight to warehousing, taxi truck services, distribution, couriers, line haul operations and beyond.
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Discover a new world of logistics opportunities.


Get in touch with more than 10,000 customers and carriers.


Beavro is easy to use and empowers you to become a logistics expert in just 2 days.


Beavro is easy to use and empowers you to become a logistics expert in just 2 days.


Why choose Beavro?

Technical Expertise and Knowledge of the Logistics Sector. To create the Beavro program, programmers from the University of Tartu also began working as logisticians for a better understanding of the industry. Our goal was to build a state-of-the-art software that answered real needs and offered solutions rooted in business insights. To achieve this, we entered the logistics sector to gather insights that we then applied to create the Beavro solution. Today, we offer you a unique management system that understands transport to the core and helps you and your team take control of the logistics process.
Experience. Passion. Dedication.
We’ve channelled all our know-how and passion into creating Beavro. With unrivalled attention to detail, we’ve built a software solution that helps your logistics teams out-perform. Beavro enables your employees to have increased productivity, optimizing and enhancing your profitability rates. In addition, Beavro is easy to use, with a learning curve that requires only a few days to appropriate all its features.

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Discover how Beavro revolutionizes the logistics sector through artificial intelligence & accumulated experience.

Our software

What is Beavro?

Intelligent software solution that automates logistics processes and helps businesses train knowledgeable transport specialists. This translates into increased labour productivity, substantial growth in profitability, higher work-quality. In addition, Beavro can automatically organize and create additional overseas divisions, thus reducing the cost, time and resources usually required for such operations.

Smart features

  • All your documents in one place. Beavro helps you gather all your documents in one single place for better control and an insightful overview. The stock take module provides a database of customers and carriers with extensive office functionality.
  • Valuable overview of your finances. Beavro’s powerful financial module enables you to determine credit worthiness, solvency and turnover rate in correlation to financial ratios such as ROA, ROE, ROL, ROCE, ROS.
  • Intelligent connections. The managed intelligent module inside Beavro connects cargos and trucks by taking into account geolocation and tapping into calendars. This way, Beavro can make the best decisions regarding the most efficient ways of transport for declared loads. In addition, Beavro’s intelligent module also gives you access to information about leads and prospects that haven’t turned into a deal (yet).
  • Gateway to Better Deals. Beavro helps you make better choices with the help of the analytical module. You’ll easily tap into quantitative and qualitative assessments of all aspects of your business and processes, alongside recommendations on risks and prices. By leveraging these insights, your employee will always strike deals that correspond to your target yield!

What makes Beavro one-of-a-kind?

Flexible and easy to use.
Get the information you need, wherever you are. Beavro works wonders on desktop, mobile & tablet.
Built with latest-gen tech.
Take advantage of state-of-the-art development. Our transport management software was created by using a combination of Python, Django and SQL.
Seamless integration.
Keep your business going. Beavro provides a flawless user experience across all features and channels.
Bulletproof security.
We understand how important privacy is for your business. Keep your account ultra-safe with MFA, fingerprint or Face ID.
Rich, dynamic experience.
Because ease-of-use translates increases productivity, we’ve fully engaged the Google Maps platform to deliver a rich and dynamic experience.
Intuitive User Interface.
Working fast and efficiently means loving the tools you’re using. Beavro is smart as looks the part, delivering a user experience second to none.
How We Got Here.

Following an ambitious, carefully laid-out development plan.

What Drives Us?

Leverage technology to offer emerging markets a global competitive advantage in terms of logistics.


Deliver tech-solutions to help businesses seamlessly manage their logistics processes and communications within the supply chain.


Beavro’s team gathers 18 professionals who make for an original blend of tech talent and operations management expertise.

Types of Businesses Use Beavro in Logistics

36% Chemical And Petrochemical Industries

29% Construction Materials

17% Machinery and equipment

12% Wood processing and cellulose-paper industry

6% Light and food industries

How can Beavro help you grow your business?

Take your business to new grounds.

24/7 Access

More features for extra growth. Manage your fleets in real-time 24/7 with multiple simultaneous users.

Operational visibility

Get a comprehensive overview of your business and direct access to strategic forecasts that will enable you to make the best decisions, fast.

Financial control

Leverage powerful analytics and insights that will help you take control of your operational expenses to prevent leakage and maximize profit.

Workload planning

Get a detailed bifurcation of all pending operations, so you can plan your day-today activities with ease.

Through its intelligent management features, Beavro enables you to boost the KPI of your employees, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of wages down to 4 times less what you’re currently paying.

Built with cloud technology, Beavro is guaranteed to keep your confidential documents private, while expanding its capabilities to deliver an all-inclusive ecosystem. Beavro’s dynamic architecture enables you to store as many documents as you need and grow your business through a sustainable, scalable model.

Beavro enables you to reach out to the rest of the world through APIs, delivering a new type of business that relies on system-to-system communications. Helps you know when a hiccup in the logistics process and eliminates any issues with deliveries. Plus, you get notified of every cargo successfully delivered.

In addition, Beavro is managed by a team of qualified professionals and tech enthusiasts that aim for continuous innovation. This ensures a steady flow of upgrades and improvements no other vendor can match.

Beavro is Mobile

Keep All Logistics In Your Pocket

Proof Of Delivery With Auditing
You will never experience delayed payments.
Auditing, And Approval Tools
Always be on top of your business operations.
Profit Monitoring Analytics
Forget about low profitability. Your profits will always grow.
Push Alerts
Always get notified about important operations.

Entry in the Market for IPO Services

For us «going public» is more than just selling stock. It’s a signal to the world that the business has made it.That’s why undertaking an initial public offering (commonly known as an IPO) — the first sale of stock to the public by a private company — come the very important goal for us. Also in future this gives to our company a greater ability to grow and expand.

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